Danny BoydProgress Floater

    Length of service: 10 years

    What area of Doncasters do you work in?
    Post Cast Department – Progress Floater – 10 years

    What does a typical day working here look like for you?
    Its busy, I like to stay busy and I help people. There’s something different all the time; I am in all the departments giving a helping hand.

    What’s an interesting fact about yourself?
    What ever I do, I have passion and give 100%. I love to watch TV and go to the gym; and I am a homebody.  Betty Davis is my favourite actress and I love the old classics.

    What’s been your proudest moment?
    When I was 12, you had to be 13 to get your social security card and Manpower was only offering jobs to those that had their social security card, I was 12 I applied hoping they would give me a break but you couldn’t get the job until you were 13; at 13, I finally got the job and I was so proud…

    I have been working ever since and when they announced I was selected for the Employee of the Month award the applause from everyone made me feel so good; I had to hold back my tears until I got to my truck because that closed the loop in my life…that was the final piece of the puzzle.

    What been your greatest learning experience?
    I like working in different areas of the plant and I learn something new every day.

    Please describe your work/life balance?
    I leave the job here and I go home and get to chill out and get ready for the next day…I like to walk a lot as well.

    What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career?
    I would say to come to work and be on time, be dedicated; everyone has their name on the product and you want to make sure the product ships on time. This is going to become your home away from home and we are the Doncasters family.

    “I love what I do and I love this team…I could have never done it by myself.”

    Danny Boyd