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Doncasters is an industry leader in the manufacture of automotive turbocharger components and automotive stud welding systems.

Turbocharger components:

The Trucast Division have over 40 years’ experience with turbocharger technology and employ innovative manufacturing techniques for the production of components for both the commercial vehicle and passenger car turbo diesel markets.

The Division has manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA and is able to offer remarkably short ‘time to market’ solutions for key turbocharger OEMs such as Honeywell, BorgWarner, Holset and IHI.

Our components are manufactured to extremely demanding specifications to ensure that we meet our customers’ requirements for dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties. These specifications reflect the operating conditions of the components within the turbocharger, where wheels rotate at speeds of up to 150,000 rpm and can operate at temperatures in excess of the theoretical melting point of the alloy.

Automotive production line stud-welding systems:

With global distribution centres and a specialist manufacturing base in Germany, IVOSTUD offers an innovative line of automated stud welding systems to meet the transportation industry’s most demanding of stud welding performance requirements.

Turbocharger Turbine Wheels

Doncasters is recognised as a world leader in the manufacture of compressor and turbocharger turbine wheels and retains its position by employing lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement activities.

Doncasters Trucast Ltd has been producing the ‘hot end’ turbine wheels from nickel based superalloys for more than 40 years. The Trucast process was designed specifically for this product and now incorporates the latest in wax pattern manufacturing and casting technology, ensuring that Trucast Ltd keeps pace with the increasing demands of the dynamic turbocharger marketplace. Products range from 40 g (1.41 oz) to 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) in weight and are supplied worldwide.

Doncasters Trucast Inc’s modern facility is the only dedicated turbocharger turbine wheel plant in North America. As well as supplying the North American market, Trucast Inc supplies a global customer base. Founded in 1996, Doncasters Trucast Inc has, using the latest technology, developed into a world class benchmark supplier to the turbocharger industry.


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Automotive Stud Welding Systems

Through its IVOSTUD business, Doncasters offers an innovative line of automated stud welding systems to meet the transportation industry’s most demanding of stud welding performance requirements.  We also offer custom designed systems for a variety of transportation applications including fixed mounted manual and automatic feed systems, as well as robotic weld heads for high production environments.

Moreover, we have developed a feeding system for improving the cycle time of automated stud welding systems.  This new development is called SPEEDPORT, and it has made it possible to feed and weld over 40,000 studs in a day.

Our full range of automated stud welding systems includes the N4S inverter. This welder allows our customers to maximize their efficiencies welding millions of fasteners a year.

Our automated equipment lines offer our customers innovative features and benefits to simplify stud welding.  Our patented servo electric equipment used by automakers worldwide allow for precise stud placement, and process feedback.  The magnetic encoder inside the weld head measures the exact motion of the fastener during the weld and confirms the penetration of the stud into the workpiece.  The N4S inverter system has the ability to network with PC based software to allow remote monitoring of the weld process, programming of the weld schedules, and communication on serial networks with robots.  The colour keypad is windows-based and allows the users to easily operate the weld system.  Whether the automated systems are handguns, or robotic mounted weld heads the equipment is monitoring the weld process to ensure the highest level of weld quality.

For more information, visit the IVOSTUD website.

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