Claire DaviesHR Operations and Benefits Lead

    What area of Doncasters do you work in?
    I work in Human Resources for the US; looking after everything people and talent orientated.

    What does a typical day working here look like for you?  
    Every day is different! Although that probably sounds cliché. First thing in the morning I usually wake up to emails from our UK colleagues, as although we operate in different countries we take a global approach to HR Strategy in Doncasters. Although I’m based in Alabama I’m also very fortunate to get to travel a lot in my role, so sometimes I’ll have meetings in different states such as Connecticut or California.

    My day-to-day role at a high level focuses on delivering the HR Strategy to support our businesses across the US through our four pillars of HR; Discovering Talent, Advancing Talent, Engaging Talent and E3 (Executing the Essentials with Excellence). There’s a lot of variety which I really enjoy as I get to see the whole spectrum of HR. For example, one day I could be working on looking at our US benefits plans to make sure we get the best value for money for our employees; to looking at how we best support a site that is experiencing a high level of recruitment activity; to working with the UK team to finalize global training material.

    What’s an interesting fact about yourself? 
    I’m a Brit living in Alabama! After spending a number of years working for Doncasters at different sites in the UK I applied for the opportunity to work in the US and have been living in Alabama since January 2018. I even have an American dog I adopted from a shelter in Alabama.

    What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career?
    For me, I would say seek out every opportunity you can get. If you haven’t started work yet, get involved in extra curricular activities to develop your teamworking and potentially even leadership skills. If you are working, it may mean being on a project team for a topic that you’re not very familiar with or a ‘sideways’ career move. Investing the time and exposing yourself to different opportunities and learning experiences will pay off dividends in the long run.