Charlotte CleggAccount Manager

    Length of service: 1 year

    What area of Doncasters do you work in?
    I work in the sales department at Ross & Catherall Superalloys.

    What does a typical day working here look like for you?                         
    A typical working day for me is managing my customers’ needs and working hard to maintain good working relationships. This can include taking enquiries, issuing quotations in a timely manner, generating sales orders, issuing usage reports and working very closely with other departments, to ensure everything runs smoothly and to the customers high expectations.

    What been your greatest learning experience?
    My greatest learning experience was taking the ‘International Trade Operations & Procedures’ course and earning a Distinction.

    I use the knowledge gained on this course every single day. Now I am able to generate and request important trade documents and liaise directly with the local Chamber of Commerce.

    What do you most and least enjoy about your role?
    I most enjoy my time at work when I am interacting with customers, making sure I am able to meet their needs and giving them the best possible service.

    My least favourite part of my job would be unrealistic customer expectations. This could be for example; material requirements, technical specifications, delivery times or payment terms. I work very closely with the production, technical, logistic and finance departments to overcome these issues, and find a solution that works best for my customer.