October 2022, Droitwich Spa, UK –Doncasters has invested £7.2 million to extend Doncasters Precision Castings – Deritend.

The extension will deliver great benefits to the business, including improved parts flow and safety, reduced environmental impact and lead times, and an increased capacity overall that allows the business to invest in advanced technology and local talent in the future.

Until now, Doncasters operated two sites in Droitwich, two miles apart, with different processes taking place at each. This meant that materials and products had to be moved back and forth during the engineering process. Now, the two teams will reunite, improving operation and energy efficiencies and working lives for staff. Over 340 staff will work in the new state-of-the-art facility, with future employment opportunities available for people in the Worcestershire region and beyond.

The extension has also allowed Doncasters to make several upgrades to its existing processes, particularly its ceramics core manufacturing. Ceramics now has its own dedicated building so this product area can continue to grow without impacting other operations. The site is also committed to reducing the energy baseload by 10% whilst growing renewable consumption by 10%.

“The opening of Doncasters’ extended facility in Droitwich Spa follows a series of investments around the globe,” commented Mike Quinn, CEO of Doncasters. “Earlier this year, Doncasters acquired Uni-Pol, which has facilities across Asia and South America. We also recently committed to a further investment of $12.9 million in two of our facilities, in the US and in the UK.

“After a few years of low activity in the industry, we’re starting to see things pick up again. The continued investment by Doncasters will help accelerate this, as we’ll be able to offer a more predictable and consistent service to OEMs, whilst delivering environmental and operational benefits.”

The extended Doncasters Precision Casting site will be officially opened on October 6, 2022. Guests from local Government, Chamber of Commerce, customers and suppliers will be joining the Doncasters Board and employees on the day to celebrate the unveiling of the £7.2 million building.

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