15 June 2017, Burton upon Trent, UK  Doncasters Group and Rolls-Royce have agreed base terms and conditions in the form of a Framework Agreement, covering the range of Doncasters Group manufacturing sites. This long-term contract recognizes the strategic role Doncasters Group has within the production supply chain for Rolls-Royce. Doncasters currently support a number existing platforms across commercial and military lines with parts ranging from castings, forgings, fabrications, machined components and assemblies. These are supplied through its facilities in the UK, Europe and the US depending on the part configuration, and required manufacturing processes.

The Framework Agreement embodies the principle of ‘one contract, one supplier’ with Doncasters Group, which is fully aligned with Rolls-Royce‘s plan to transform their supply chain approach, creating more transparency and agility in the procurement process.

This agreement is the first phase in a joint business approach that allows for the consolidation of mature and legacy parts production into Doncasters, reducing overall lead time, from identification of the part to finished production, and providing better overall total value for Rolls-Royce in servicing the future delivery needs for the defined parts. The teams will be co-located and work collaboratively to drive cost reduction and minimize waste.

David Smoot, Chief Executive Officer, Doncasters Group, said: “Doncasters is proud to have been selected to supply Rolls-Royce to meet their needs on these production programs. This contract award is a clear reflection of our strong commitment to be a long-term partner to Rolls Royce and extends this relationship for years to come.”

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