Doncasters Technical Centre

Doncasters is recognised for its excellence in working with alloys and metals that are difficult to shape and form.

It maintains an R&D facility that identifies, characterises, standardises and deploys knowledge and skills used across its manufacturing facilities, continually enhancing its offering to customers by ensuring both consistent product quality improvement and optimised process cost rates.

The facility, staffed by a highly specialised team drawn from a range of industrial and academic backgrounds and utilising a range of state-of-the-art scientific equipment and software tools, carries out detailed material and process modelling, testing and analysis.

Strategic Direction

The Centre’s charter is to develop optimised products from the outset instead of prototypes. Much of the work at the Centre is undertaken within Group facilities or by staff seconded in to the Centre in a matrix structure. This approach ensures relevance and focus whilst developing and growing skills across the business. In addition, where opportunity arises, Doncasters utilises this facility to support, accelerate and enhance customers’ research and development efforts, reducing their R&D costs.

Progress Through Partnership

Doncasters recognises that strong relationships with leading universities, supply chains and end users are an essential element of the research, technology and innovation portfolio. They are also engaged in the support of Group companies in collaborative and geared R&D projects and the management of contracted R&D.