Doncasters is a leading international manufacturer of specialist superalloys and high-precision alloy components made for the most demanding conditions.

Through our advanced manufacturing facilities across the Europe, USA and Asia we serve the world’s leading OEMs in the aerospace, industrial gas turbine and specialist automotive markets.

We excel in turning metals into motion, working in alloys and manufacturing complex design to offer a superior and unparalleled range of solutions for high performance and specialist applications. Our expertise includes new product development, precision casting, superalloy production and the supply and manufacture of automotive stud welding equipment.


With technical expertise spanning nearly 250 years, there’s no doubting our pedigree when it comes to engineering excellence.

Established in 1778 by Daniel Doncaster, the company began its life in Sheffield, UK. From forging tools, we soon developed a reputation for quality craftsmanship, reliability and metallurgical know-how. Over the years we’ve built on this foundation to excel in the specialist manufacturing and casting of superalloys, becoming the Doncasters of today, a dynamic group of 15 advanced production facilities across Europe, USA and Asia, each with market leading specialist capabilities and serving a broad blue-chip client base worldwide.

We’ve certainly stood the test of time, constantly evolving, adapting and improving to remain at the forefront of our industry. We continue to invest in a highly skilled workforce, and by employing the very latest in advanced technologies and lean production techniques we continue to be the very best in our field, offering our customers a capability, quality, service and production agility second to none.

Read our indepth history, including a detailed timeline from 1778 to the present and delve into the Doncasters family tree: