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We are a World leader in the global supply of high quality cast superalloys to the investment casting industry with manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA and Germany.

With over 50 years experience Doncasters has developed into one of the largest and most respected cast superalloy manufacturers with an enviable reputation based on advanced technology and outstanding service.

Our three 'superalloy' facilities are based at the following locations:

Ross and Catherall in Sheffield, UK

CAPI (Certified Alloy Products Inc) in Long Beach, California, USA

Bochum, Germany

All have industry leading and in some cases unique competences in the manufacture of 'superalloys'.

Doncasters alloys are used across a wide range of performance critical applications as diverse as turbine blades and vanes and other components for aero engines and land based gas turbines, hot-end turbocharger wheels, medical prosthesis, and other special components requiring high metallurgical integrity.

Doncasters Superalloys offer a range of production facilities, which include vacuum induction melting, air induction melting and vacuum degassing. All use the highest quality materials and guarantee the highest level of technical control, ensuring a consistent product with a repeatable tightly controlled chemistry. It is by working closely with our customers, by maintaining the technical advantage and by continuing to support the industry with an excellent all round service that Doncasters is able to maintain its position as the pre-eminent superalloy supplier.

Capabilities and products include:

Conflict Minerals

'Conflict Minerals' concerns the sourcing of certain minerals and/or derivatives from the Democratic Republic of Congo ('DRC') or any countries adjoining the DRC (Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia).

Conflict minerals include tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold.

Recent international legislation has been passed (eg, US Dodd-Frank Act) that places obligations on publicly-traded companies with respect to tracking and reporting of conflict minerals.

Please see Doncasters group policy

"With over 50 years experience Doncasters has developed into one of the largest and most respected cast superalloy manufacturers"

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