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Doncasters Group Ltd is the largest independent manufacturer of components to the firearms industry, manufacturing blanks, barrels, bolts, chokes and receivers to exacting customer specifications.

We have the equipment and qualified technicians to produce everything from semi-finished and finished receivers to OEM drawings and designs – ensuring we deliver the highest quality firearm components for our customers.

Key capabilities include:

All components can be manufactured from a range of materials, including carbon and low alloy steel, stainless steel grade 410 and 416 and a range of other specialist materials.

Quality inspections take place at each stage of the production process and our range of testing procedures, including air gauging, not only purges any contaminants that may be left in the barrel but also means we can meet tolerances of between 0.005” and 0.000002”.

Recreational vehicle

Doncasters Gear Products designs and manufactures custom gear products and assemblies for a range of vehicles, including all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and powersports.

Offering a complete ‘start to finish’ product service, our specialised gear technology allows us to serve the unique needs of a range of customers, with gear design and cutting capabilities ranging from high volume components and assemblies to one-piece prototypes.

Capabilities include designing net-forged bevel gears, cut gears, differentials, transmissions and drive systems, alongside a range of cutting specialities including spur, bevel, helical, worm and worm wheel, splined shafts, and internal I.D. – to O.D. broaching in a variety of sizes.

Quality is at the heart of Doncasters’ company ethos, together with a commitment to a culture of continuous improvement. We currently hold the following external certifications as testament to these standards: ISO9001:2000.

"Quality is at the heart of Doncasters’ company ethos, together with a commitment to a culture of continuous improvement"

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