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Rings and Casings


Centrispun castings in low alloy, corrosion and heat resistant steels and nickel alloys for industrial gas turbine, aerospace and process industries.


Corrosion resistant and duplex alloy steels
Heat resistant stainless steels
Nickel based superalloys

Principal markets

Aerospace and gas turbine engine, oil extraction and refining. chemical plant, fluid separation, food and drink processing, petrochemical, metals manufacture, glass and paper industries


6000 tonnes liquid steel per annum


Centrispun components in stainless and other high alloy materials
Speciality shaped split cases incorporating lugs, bosses and flanges via centri-shape and other processes


Centrifugal casting, machining, heat treatment, NDT and testing
Horizonal spinning: 80-1000mm dia . x 1000 - 6000mm lengths
Vertical spinning: 300-3500mm diameter - 100-1680mm lengths
Cast weights up to 7000kgs


BS EN ISO 9002
Approvals from major turbine OEMS

Casings - fan, compressor, combustor (Cast) for the Aerospace market
IGT Cast structural components (Cast) for the Industrial gas turbine market
IGT Turbine rings and discs (Cast) for the Industrial gas turbine market
IGT Casings (Cast) for the Industrial gas turbine market

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