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Doncasters supply high performance components to the motor sports industry, specialising in advanced materials such as titanium, nickel, steel, aluminium, aluminium metal matrix composites and aluminium lithium alloys.

Manufacturing methods employed in the production of Doncasters performance racing components includes isothermal and conventional forging, investment and sand casting and plaster mould casting.

Products manufactured:
Connecting rods
Cylinder liners
Drive shafts
Cam belt wheels
Turbocharger housings
Turbocharger impellers
Brake callipers
Disc bells
Brake master cylinders
Suspension parts
Clutch baskets
Clutch plates
Gear blanks
Gear selector forks
Gearbox housings
Diff caps
Clutch Parts

Manufacture locations


Doncasters Southern Tool, Oxford, USA
Doncasters Sterling, Coventry, UK
Doncasters Settas, Jumet, Belgium


Doncasters Sterling, Coventry, UK
Doncasters Trucast Inc., Newberry, USA
Doncasters Trucast Limited, Ryde, UK


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"Doncasters offer flexibility in batch sizes, very competitive delivery times. Processes included Chemical milling, Hot Isostatic Pressing, radiography, dye penetrant and metrology"