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Strategic Business Unit



Doncasters Combustion Systems Division manufactures highly engineered turbine engine ready components and systems for the power generation and aerospace industries. We can provide OEM customers with "one stop shopping" for their combustion system components and high temperature needs. We are committed to the long term success of our customers. We believe in value-added partnerships where we work with the customer's design team to solve complex design and manufacturing challenges. Additionally, we continue to support our customers during all the phases of the product's lifecycle – from research and development, during production, and later in field service support for repair and overhaul. The Combustion Systems Division has strategic manufacturing locations in the United States in Indiana, Illinois and California as well as in the UK.

Evansville manufactures high-temperature components such as industrial turbine engine combustors, rear support covers, main combustors, augmenter liners, aerospace exhaust nozzle components, and an ever-growing list of components from materials such as high-temperature super alloys, nickel and stainless steels. The manufacturing methods employed include diffusion bonding, robotic welding, and, five and six axis cutting and machining.

In addition, the Evansville facility supports various military development programs with diffusion bonding and internal cooling geometries. Evansville built jet engine exhaust nozzle components for the F-22 Raptor fighter and currently supports several systems on the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Evansville has more than 55,000 square feet of capacity in our ISO 9001/AS9100 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


Nickel and cobalt based super alloys
Stainless and alloy steel fabrications
Stainless steels
Aluminum alloys
Castings, forgings and solid bar

Principal markets

Industrial gas turbines
Aerospace derived industrial gas turbines


VFS vacuum furnaces -2500°F (2400 lb to 4500 lb capacity)
(2) Miltronics 3-axis machining centers (51” x 24” machining)
Trumpf CO2 laser cutters (2 to 5 axis; 1000W to 2600W)
Trumpf laser / punch Combination (60” x 120“)
Flow International Water Jet
Dynamic plasma welders– (4 axis Robotic w/rotary-tilt table)
Machining center – 4 axis


Solid state diffusion bonding
Micro plasma welding
Electro-chemical milling
Effusion drilling
Thermal barrier coating
Non-destructive testing (FPI and ultrasonic)
Metallurgy lab


MicroVu vision inspection
Testech/ Ultra Map ultrasonic inspection
Video capable borescopes
CMM facilities
Magna-Flux FPI line
Magna-Flux parts dryer
Etch and plating facilities


ISO 9001 / AS9100 certifications
NADCAP Certification for Non Destructive Testing
NADCAP Certification for Heat Treat
NADCAP Certification for Welding and Brazing
NADCAP Certification for Laser Processing


225 West Morgan Avenue

Tel 1 812 421 7810
Fax 1 812 421 7812

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